Italian tour operators have visited health resorts of Krasnodar Region

From May 18 till May 25, the TO PLANET SOCHI LLC tour operator conducted an information tour for the representatives of Italian tour companies.

The participants of the information tour got acquainted with the health resort and tourist potential of the region's municipal entities, with subsequent formation of a package of tourist services for foreign visitors. In particular, Italian tour operators got interested in the unique facilities of tourist demonstration in Krasnodar Region, which include the ethnographic complex of Ataman, the forthcoming capital city of the Olympic Games — resort city of Sochi, as well as wine tours, proposals for hunters and anglers. On May 24, Sochi hosted a meeting of the tour participants with the representatives of administrations of resort territories and with tour operators of incoming tourism of Krasnodar Region, at which they discussed the possibilities for the formation of tourist products of Krasnodar Region being in demand among foreign tourists. Within the framework of the said meeting, the Round Table was conducted where the General Director of TO PLANET SOCHI LLC Ellina Georgiyevna Akinshina took part as a moderator.

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